Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Destination Weddings

Congratulations!  You've chosen each other and will be tying the knot! 

Live an unforgettable day in an absolutely magic setting surrounded by those who mean the most to you.  If that sounds wonderful but you're beginning to feel overwhelmed by the endless array of destinations, documentation, flower choices and so on, that's were you need the help of an expert! 

A Destination Wedding Specialist will be able to sit down and speak with you about the many options available to couples these days.  Together, we will be able to focus in on a few key destinations that have the vibe and feel you're after for your dream day and weigh the pros and cons of each. A DWS has planned and worked with resorts and venues literally around the world so the ability to remain impartial and realistic is paramount. You are able to benefit from their knowledge, expertise and relationships that have been built throughout the industry.

A Destination Wedding Specialist does differ somewhat from a Travel Consultant in that every aspect of your wedding from airfare, accommodation, documents, the wedding ceremony, decorations and often even right down to the menu.  Specialists do charge an additional fee to arrange and manage all of these details but it's certainly worth it to ensure all is seamlessly cared for.  In our opinion, it's well worth it!

And speaking of budgets and money matters, let's do some math.  Couples are often spending thousands and thousands of dollars creating their magical day and find themselves exhausted with the process. 

Home - Average cost: $25,000
Destination - Average cost: $5,000

Home - Ceremony, photos and celebration typically at different locations
Destination - Everything typically takes place at one location

Home - One day celebration
Destination - Week- long celebration

Home - Stressful and time consuming especially as it leads up to the big day
Destination - Wedding coordinators, destination wedding specialists and consultants manage all of the details

Home - Additional savings and planning required
Destination - Begins upon your arrival

Ultimately, if you decide a destination wedding is right for you, it's important to work with a professional you feel comfortable with.  The options are only limited by imagination but your travel professional is there to make everything you dream about, come true!